Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Maggie here, I am SO VERY SORRY that we have not posted since before our move. Well as you can guess a TON of stuff has happened since then. First the move went well and we have so much more room now and pool table in the basement. Our cousins and us LOVE to play when they come to visit us. Well lets see here we went on our cruise but mama didn't get any photo's of us cause she was sick alot of the time and David (our brother) was needing LOTS of watching. (I will post about the whole trip in another post very soon). After we got off our ship in Seattle we went to the AG store and WOW that was a blast. Our sister Sam has went away to another home cause she was just not fitting in with our family so Sam,Mama and Daddy sat down and found her the perfect family to go live with.We have started to get the house ready for Christmas but we still do not have our tree up yet. Our cousins do and I have told Mama that its not fair and that we need ours up but she has been so very busy and now David is sick. She said that her and Daddy will try and get it up for us to decorate this weekend.Mama and Daddy got me a new bed

and some new furniture.

Last night we had family over and exchanged gifts and Mama opened this one package and someone popped OUT!!! She didn't tell us that we were getting a new sister!!

Her name is Heather and she is from Hawaii. We haven't gotten to know any more about her cause she is being very shy (for now). Well that's all that we have been up in a fast nut shell. I will try and post in detail all the stuff that has happened since we last talked. If I don't post before Christmas have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Maggie(me),Emma,Kimmy and Heather

Monday, July 18, 2011

Its been tooo long!

Hey there all Emma here. Sorry it has been so long since we have posted on here but ALOT has been going on in our house. Mama tried to post pics on the last blog and it wouldn't let her for some reason so we are gunna try again this time.So the stuff that has been going on is that we have been having our cousins come ALOT for visits this summer and we have had a BLAST!! Mama also had VBS (vacation Bible School) that she did at our church and boy that was soo much fun. She did the music and motions and we got to help he practice before VBS week. Then we here mama and daddy talking about a new sister but we got caught listening in and had to go right to bed. After that we didn't hear anymore about a new sister but one day mama and daddy sat us all down and told us that we were gunna have a BIG change happen very soon. The next day mama came home with a bunch of boxes, we weren't sure what was going on till mama told us that we were moving!! So as of now our rooms are all packed (we helped mama pack them) and we are sleeping in the living room! It kinda feel like we are having one big sleep over.

    Well a couple days go by and we go to the fireworks with our cousins and family. Mama,Auntie and Nana started planning a trip to the AG store in Seattle a few days later and we all started arguing about who was gunna get to go with mama. Well mama herd us arguing and that's when she told us that we were getting a new sister and that she was the one going on the trip so that she and our new sister could bond and get to know each other!!! The very next day there was a package on our doorstep!!! We all raced over to help mama get it in the house. When we opened it there was a new sister with red hair and green eyes staring back at us!! We helped her get out of her box and started to get to know each other.

So mama and Kimmy (our new sister) went to Seattle and got some really cool stuff for all of us.Now that they are home we get to settle into a routine and start packing again.This will be the last blog for a while till we get all moved in and settled (and so mama can find her camera cord) and then we will start posting again. Only 2 more weeks till our move!!! Thanks for listening to my LONG update and I will chat with you all again really soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


OK first off I am sorry that it has been so very long since any of us girls have been on here for a blog update. Things have been busy here with Easter and other things. Well this weekend Mama,Maggie,Sam and I went for a all girls road trip to our cousins in Oregon.We had a BLAST on the way there we cranked up the music and Mama let us have the window down so we could feel the wind in our hair. Maggie and Sam kept fighting over what CD we were gunna listen to next but Mama put a stop to it quick. It was a warm and wonderful ride. When we went over the pass there was still LOTS of snow but we were so excited to get there we decided that we would rather stop on the way home to play in it. When we got there we helped Mama unpack the car and get ready to start sewing. After we said HI to everyone and got unpacked Nanna and auntie had a surprise for all of us. New pj's,slippers,sleeping bag and pillow all that matched!!! Since Mama cant get pics to load today I will have to describe them for you.Maggie's pj's are pink ballerinas (yuck) with pink slippers (double YUCK) and her sleeping bag and pillow is of course Orchas. Sam's pj's are cheetah print her slippers are black and tan and her sleeping bag and pillow are also cheetah print with cheetah heads.Mine was the coolest my pj's are skulls in blues reds and black and they are the same as the inside of my sleeping bag my slippers are white and red. The outside of my sleeping bag is red,black and white with skulls on it same with my pillow. So we got in our pj's and visited with our cousins while Mama and the other grownups started sewing. Mama hadn't sewn in so long she was surprised that she got 3 outfits done in 2 days. She did one for each of us. When it was all over we had to pack up and head home but before we left Nanna and auntie had ANOTHER surprise for us girls. it was summer pj's!!! Sam's weren't done yet so she has to wait for hers. So we loaded up and left for home. We didn't stop and play in the snow cause we all fell asleep and Mama didn't want to wake us up. Well that was our exciting sewing weekend. We hope to have more time for posing on here but who knows. Talk to you all later, EMMA

Friday, March 25, 2011

Emma is HOME!!!

We got a very big surprise this week. Emma came home from the hospital!! Sam and I were so excited when Mamma told us that there was a box on the front porch. Mamma brought the box in and started to get it opened. We were so excited we ran towards the box to help Mamma get Emma out!
We were helping Mamma when all of a sudden we heard a loud YELL come from the box. It was so loud that it scared us half to death. We fell down on the floor in shock. That's when we herd Emma start to Laugh, she laughed  so hard the box started to shake.
Out popped Emma.We couldn't believe how much better she looked. The first thing she said was get these purple bows OUT OF MY HAIR!!!!! She was kinda grumpy from the long trip and tired (plus she HATES purple).
Once Emma was out of her hospital box Sam and I gave her a BIG group hug. She only let us for a little bit but she did say that she had missed us even though we are girly girls.

Sam and I had to help Emma walk to our rooms cause her legs were all wobbly from being in the box for to long.
When we got to Emma's room Mamma insisted that we get Emma  into bed to rest. She let Sam and me stay and catch up for a while.
After a while Mamma said it was time for us to get ready for bed. So Sam and I ran into our rooms and got into our pj's really really fast so we could get back to Emma and her story of her hospital stay and trip home.

Emma told us of the long journey to the hospital and how it was while she was there getting better. She said there were lots of other girls from all over  that were sent there to get better. She didn't make any friends while she was there cause most of the time she was sleeping or having tests and stuff done. She now has a clean bill of health signed by her Doctor. Before we knew it, it was time for bed and Mamma said we have all day tomorrow to do more catching up.

So Sam,Emma and I said good night and headed to bed for the night. The next day we found out that Emma was getting some new clothes to welcome her home. We were all excited since she only has 2 outfits and was wanting more. Well that's about all for now I will chat more with you as exciting things happen around here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Very busy day.

Hey there all this is Samantha, Maggie said it was about time that I got to do a blog post so here goes.
Saturday we had a VERY busy day while David was at his grandma's. Mamma was able to make our hats for Easter and the cruise. We got to help a little bit until mamma had to use the hot glue gun that's when we just had to watch. It was lots of fun helping and they turned out so good.

Here is a photo from  the back. Maggie wanted a short bow and I wanted a long one. We got to help make the bows  and sew them so they won't come undone.We are wearing our rose dresses that we got for Easter and the cruise. The go really well with the dresses. Now we just need our Easter shoes and then we are all set. After we got done with our hats mamma said that she had a job for Maggie and me to do for Vienna. We were very puzzled by this. So we went into the living room where there was a black bag on the floor that wasn't there before.
In it was a little black kitten (oops I hope Vienna don't read this post it's a surprise for her).
She was so cute but very shy she just sat in her bag checking everything out.

She finally came out and started coming towards Maggie and me. She was very scared since the house and we were all new things to her.We tried guessing her name and had so much fun trying to figure it out. Mamma came in to see what we were laughing about and that's when she told us that the kitten didn't have a name yet lol.
She came over and let Maggie pet her. Maggie tried to get the toy from her but she was to fast and ran towards me.

I started to pet her and she started purring. It was soo cute.Maggie decided that she would make a house for the kitten to sleep in while she was staying with us.
Maggie put the kittens bed in the house and added a water and food bowl.
The kitten crawled right inside and made herself right at home.Well that was how our Saturday went I hope your was as much fun as mine was. Samantha

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hey so sorry that I havnt been on here in a while but things have been very busy here at our house. 1ST my aunt and cousins came for a good long visit and while they were here my new cousin arrived. It was so fun ripping open the box to get her out. Her name is Savanah and she is soo much fun. We played twister,watched movies and even had a popcorn fight. We also had time to roller blade for the first time!!! The only sad thing that happend was that our new sister Emma had to be rushed to the hospital to have surgury. It was so scarry her eyes started looking really weird and mamma started freeking out till our aunt said that it was ok and that sending her to the hospital would make her all better .We miss her so much and  hope that she will be home soon to play and have fun with . Well that is all for now but I will try and post a more in detail blog with pics very soon.
See you all later MAGGIE

Sunday, February 20, 2011

another sister

Well we get a surprise in the mail this week. It was another sister!!!! Mamma said that she is our last one till next year.Her name is Emma Geneva and her birthday is April 1st. When she got here her box was all dented so mamma opened her while we wernt looking cause she didn't want her to be hurt and us to see.
When Mamma opened the package she found out that Emma was ok but her hair in bad shape.
So the first thing mamma did was washer her hair then she got a downy dunk (don't tell dps but she had to remove her head to do the dunk). After her dunk she looked soo much better but still not perfect.

Daddy even helped and got her face,arms and legs all washed up so she looked ALOT better when they were all done.Then while Sam and I got ready for bed mamma put her hair up in curlers to help bring back her curls.

When she was all done we FINALLY got to meet Emma for the first time.
We were so excited that we got up and started running to her to give her a welcome to the family hug.

We were all so happy that we got another sister and a very nice cool one at that. After our big family hug we all sat down and started to get to know each other a little bit before bed. Sam and I broke the ice by telling Emma how we all came to live here in the Lee household. After she got comfortable Emma started telling us her story and how her trip in her box went. I guess it was very scarry and bumpy as you can imagine by looking at her box.

Since we didn't know that she was coming Sam and I didn't get a chance to get Emma a necklace to welcome her but she said she understands and is willing to wait till we get a chance to get her one. Well that is about all for now. I will have Sam and Emma post sometime soon so you can all get to know them better. Thanks for listening,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My new SISTER!!!!

My new sister Samantha arrived in the mail today. Mamma and I were sooo excited.Mamma even let me open her box.
I even got to use my new scissors that mamma got me the other day.
Once I got the box open and I her Sam call out to us to hurry cause she was cold and couldn't breather very well. He last family send her naked and wrapped her in bubble wrap and had it around her face. So we hurried and got it off her face so she could breath.
She was VERY happy that she could breath better . I started helping her get out of the bubble wrap and tried to help her stand up.
But with all the bubble wrap in there she couldn't stand and kept falling down. We started laughing soo hard we had to have Mamma get her out.

As soon as she got out of the box I had a nice warm blanket ready for her to wrap up in. She was very happy to be out of the box and finally getting warm.

She was so happy that she couldn't stop smiling. Mamma got her all wrapped up in the blanket then we hugged and started getting to know each other.

While we were talking Mamma went ahead and picked Sam and me out a outfit for us to get dressed into so that we matched a bit.

For some reason Mamma's camera didn't take all the pic but here is a pic of Samantha Marie Lee my new sister. I am sooo happy to finally have a new sister.Mamma told me to go find the gift that I had picked out for Sam when I first found out I was getting a sister. So I ran and got it then gave it to Sam.

She LOVED it. She said it was even her favorite color lol. I helped her put it on and showed her my heart necklace that mamma had gotten for me when I first came to live with my family. She thought it was very pretty.After we got her necklace on we decided to sit on my bed and learn about each other and become really great friends as well as sisters.Well that is all for now. I'm gunna let Sam do a blog soon so you all can get to know her some more.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy weekend

Hey all  we had a very exciting and busy weekend but first HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!
Mamma and daddy went out and got some wood and brought it home this weekend, I couldn't figure out what they were doing and mamma said that it was a surprise for me so I had to stay in my room while they worked. I kept hearing a saw,drill and hammer I was so curious and couldn't wait to see what they were doing. I tried peaking but I got caught before I could see anything. Mamma then decided that I could come out and help finish the project with them.It looked like they were building a toy box for David and I wondered why it was a surprise for me.I helped Daddy by handing him nails.
And I got to help Daddy with the drill!!!! It was so much fun!!!
When we were all done Mamma and Daddy flipped the box on its side and then told me that it was my new room!!!
They even made me a new bed for my new room.. It has my name on it and everything.. I love my new room and bed!
Then I noticed that there was another room and a purple bed with the name Sam on it.I wondered why and asked Mamma. That's when she told me that I was getting a new SISTER!!!!!
Her name is Samantha and she is on her way right now. Last we checked she is in NJ and should be here by the 23rd of this month I sooooo can't wait!!!! Here is a pic of her room and bed just waiting for her to arrive. I will let you all know when she gets here and I will have mamma take pics of her after she gets dressed since her last family isn't sending her with any clothes on!!!! I was very sad to hear that he last family didn't love her enough to send her with clothes on poor Samantha has got to be FREEZING right now. I will make sure I pick out a nice warm outfit for her for when she gets here and mamma is trying to make her a warm blanket for her bed. I hope she gets it done in time. Well that is all for now but I will post more later. Thanks for listening!