Sunday, February 20, 2011

another sister

Well we get a surprise in the mail this week. It was another sister!!!! Mamma said that she is our last one till next year.Her name is Emma Geneva and her birthday is April 1st. When she got here her box was all dented so mamma opened her while we wernt looking cause she didn't want her to be hurt and us to see.
When Mamma opened the package she found out that Emma was ok but her hair in bad shape.
So the first thing mamma did was washer her hair then she got a downy dunk (don't tell dps but she had to remove her head to do the dunk). After her dunk she looked soo much better but still not perfect.

Daddy even helped and got her face,arms and legs all washed up so she looked ALOT better when they were all done.Then while Sam and I got ready for bed mamma put her hair up in curlers to help bring back her curls.

When she was all done we FINALLY got to meet Emma for the first time.
We were so excited that we got up and started running to her to give her a welcome to the family hug.

We were all so happy that we got another sister and a very nice cool one at that. After our big family hug we all sat down and started to get to know each other a little bit before bed. Sam and I broke the ice by telling Emma how we all came to live here in the Lee household. After she got comfortable Emma started telling us her story and how her trip in her box went. I guess it was very scarry and bumpy as you can imagine by looking at her box.

Since we didn't know that she was coming Sam and I didn't get a chance to get Emma a necklace to welcome her but she said she understands and is willing to wait till we get a chance to get her one. Well that is about all for now. I will have Sam and Emma post sometime soon so you can all get to know them better. Thanks for listening,

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