Tuesday, May 24, 2011


OK first off I am sorry that it has been so very long since any of us girls have been on here for a blog update. Things have been busy here with Easter and other things. Well this weekend Mama,Maggie,Sam and I went for a all girls road trip to our cousins in Oregon.We had a BLAST on the way there we cranked up the music and Mama let us have the window down so we could feel the wind in our hair. Maggie and Sam kept fighting over what CD we were gunna listen to next but Mama put a stop to it quick. It was a warm and wonderful ride. When we went over the pass there was still LOTS of snow but we were so excited to get there we decided that we would rather stop on the way home to play in it. When we got there we helped Mama unpack the car and get ready to start sewing. After we said HI to everyone and got unpacked Nanna and auntie had a surprise for all of us. New pj's,slippers,sleeping bag and pillow all that matched!!! Since Mama cant get pics to load today I will have to describe them for you.Maggie's pj's are pink ballerinas (yuck) with pink slippers (double YUCK) and her sleeping bag and pillow is of course Orchas. Sam's pj's are cheetah print her slippers are black and tan and her sleeping bag and pillow are also cheetah print with cheetah heads.Mine was the coolest my pj's are skulls in blues reds and black and they are the same as the inside of my sleeping bag my slippers are white and red. The outside of my sleeping bag is red,black and white with skulls on it same with my pillow. So we got in our pj's and visited with our cousins while Mama and the other grownups started sewing. Mama hadn't sewn in so long she was surprised that she got 3 outfits done in 2 days. She did one for each of us. When it was all over we had to pack up and head home but before we left Nanna and auntie had ANOTHER surprise for us girls. it was summer pj's!!! Sam's weren't done yet so she has to wait for hers. So we loaded up and left for home. We didn't stop and play in the snow cause we all fell asleep and Mama didn't want to wake us up. Well that was our exciting sewing weekend. We hope to have more time for posing on here but who knows. Talk to you all later, EMMA

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