Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well I know it has been FOREVER since we have posted anything and we are SOOOO SORRY!!!
 There has been alot going on here in our house with a 2.5 year old and mama watches a 1.5 year old little girl named Abby. They have so much energy! Abby just turned 2 and she is starting to like dolls. Mama and I were looking at the AG site the other day and Abby said "dolls" and was very interested SO mama let her sit on her lap and they looked at dolls together. Mama is excited about it and it helps her to not wish for a daughter.
  Mama and the family are getting ready for David's 3rd birthday party and we are excited because our cousins from Oregon will be coming and we get to camp out!!! We can NOT WAIT!! Sorry I just can not contain my excitement!
 The sad part of this month will be when Mama and the family all leave us here alone for 8 days!! They are going camping on the coast and Mama said that we have to stay home. She does not want us to get hurt with the sand and water every where PLUS camping is very dirty and cold. We are all ready though we have made up a plan of things to do while they are gone like play board games,watch TONS of movies,play the WII and other things like that.
     We are also planning on making a surprise for Mama when they get home! Well I need to get going so I can get dressed (I have been in my pj's all weekend and I STINK lol) I am glad to be back and I HOPE that I can start sharing more again soon. TTYL!!!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Our house project.

Hey there guys well this weekend was a whirlwind of fun. Daddy and Daniel worked on our house! Mam says that we are about 90% of the way done with the building part. Then comes the fun part of painting and decorating!Bellow is a photo of the guys hard at work.

Daniel was being so goofy we were laughing so hard we almost fell over!

Daniel and David put the drawers in our house and then wanted to pose.David is being so cute here.
But then Emma noticed that there were trucks parked IN OUR HOUSE!!! David has decided that we have to share with his trucks. Emma says that it's cool with her but they are parked IN OUR ROOM!
This is the 2nd half of our house. It still needs to have the rooms divided but that is all that is left. Mama already got the primer so once its done she can start to paint!
Mama also found us our very own washer and dryer!. It was pink but Daddy painted it for us so now it looks ALOT better so everyone says. Me I liked it pink but I am the only one in the family who LOVES pink. Well that was how our weekend went. I know I have not shown you the photos or shared the story of our day helping Daddy but Mama has got to find out where Daddy downloaded them to. As soon as they are found I will post. Well that is all for now my friends. I will talk to you very soon!MAGGIE

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AG store surprise!

Hey everyone I am back with the rest of my surprise that we got. Mama came home and opened the bags she got from the AG store and look at the goodies we got.
Mama got us a new patio table and chairs for our new house! She said that we could not take it all the way out since the house was not finished but as soon as it is we can get it out and I will post photos then.
We also got a new baking table and stuff to use with it.
and here is just the table. Mama has wanted this set every since she started going to the AG store in Seattle.
She also got us some deliciouse food . Its lasonia my veru favorite dinner of all time. I can not WAIT to taste it!
All of a sudden we herd somthing coming from one of the bags and it was SHAKING. My sister got scared but I KNEW what it was since I have been through this same thing with boxes that show up.I looked in the bag to show my sisters that it was ok and guess what I saw. A new sister just like I thought I would.
At this point I was still bot sure what one Mama had gotten at the store so I was very excited to get her out of the box so I could see who had came to live with us.Low and behold out popped..........
McKenna!!! She is the GOTY for this year and Mama and I have wanted to add her to our family every since we first seen her. She reminds Mama and Daddy of their very dear friend Tracy. So far she has not said if she wants to keep her name or not but Mama said we will find out soon. After we get her out of the box she showed us the dress that she got to pick out as her welcome to the family gift.
It is so pritty even though blue is not my favorite color but its one of my top 3. We asked her to try it on for us and she was very happy to.

Well That is about all for now my friends.  I will try and post soon the story and photos of us helping Daddy with Mama's surprise while she was gone.

Monday, February 27, 2012

New house and a surprise

Hi there all long time no chat. Well alot has been going on here lately. Mama and Daddy have started on our house and we can not WAIT till its all done.

Mama and us went to the store and we picked out some wall paper and flooring for our house. It was LOTS of fun. We also got to look at paint colors. Mama says that once it is all built then we get to decide what colors we want and then go get the paint and start painting our rooms!!

Here is the wood that they brought home one day. This was the day that they told us that they were finally going to get started on it.Daddy started by covering the pool table then started cutting wood (that is why it looks speckled lol it was from all the dust ) We were not allowed down stairs while they worked on it cause Mama didn't want us to breath in the dust.

Daddy cut the sides and placed them on the back part of the house. When it's done it will be 8FT long 4FT wide and 2FT deep and there will be 2 of them SO all together it will be 18FT long!!! Its going to be HUGE! Mama says the reason its will be so big is so that we will have LOTS of room for fun stuff and new sisters.

Once they got the sides on Mama and Daddy had to flip it on its back so they could attach the rest of the sides.
This is how the house was before Mama went to the AG store in Seattle this weekend and when she got home Daddy said that he had a surprise for her (we helped him I will post pics of that fun day later).
He had the sides and top and bottom all on! SO all that is left for this box is the middle shelf and the room dividers! Mama says that on this box we are 1/2 way done but on the whole project we are about a 1/4 of the way done. After Daddy showed Mama her surprise she told us that she had a surprise to show us as well.

We went up stairs and here was what we seen!
Mama started getting things out to show us all the loot that she brought home.
I will post the rest in another blog since this one is kinda long. Good Bye for now dear friends and I will chat with you very soon!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi guys long time no chat :-). Well I woke up this morning and it was all WHITE outside. I couldn't believe it we finally got snow. Mama said that it started last night about 12:30AM and it has been snowing all day and it is still snowing. We now have wind to go with it so it looks like a blizzard outside.Kimmy and Heather were the first ones to get ready to go out and play in the snow.

They were playing and enjoying the snow when all of a sudden Kimmy lost her balance and face planted in the snow. That's when they decided to head on inside. Heather was getting cold since she hasn't gotten her winter jacket yet she had to wear her poncho and that was not warm enough and Kimmy was now freezing thanks to the white wash she got.
Next I made it outside but it was not as much fun by myself so I talked Emma into coming out to play in the snow.

Emma was not going to come out cause she didn't have her warm jacket but since I wanted someone to play with in the snow she said that she would come out for a little while. All of a sudden the door opens and out comes our brother Buba!

Silly boy he was in his shorts and was BAREFOOT!!!! He started laughing at us and throwing snow balls at us.

It was ON we pelted him a few times till Mama found out that he was out barefoot and yelled at him to get inside.

We all went inside after that to warm up and tell the others about the snow ball fight we had with our CRAZY brother. Once we got back inside David was very upset that Buba went out side with out him. He grabbed Bubba's hand and started towards the door. Mama had to stop him from trying to get outside with Buba. Mama said that if Buba gets sick from being outside like that it will serve him right. Well time to get off here and drink some hot coco that Mama made for us kids. I hope you all are enjoying your snow (if you have any)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Maggie here, I am SO VERY SORRY that we have not posted since before our move. Well as you can guess a TON of stuff has happened since then. First the move went well and we have so much more room now and pool table in the basement. Our cousins and us LOVE to play when they come to visit us. Well lets see here we went on our cruise but mama didn't get any photo's of us cause she was sick alot of the time and David (our brother) was needing LOTS of watching. (I will post about the whole trip in another post very soon). After we got off our ship in Seattle we went to the AG store and WOW that was a blast. Our sister Sam has went away to another home cause she was just not fitting in with our family so Sam,Mama and Daddy sat down and found her the perfect family to go live with.We have started to get the house ready for Christmas but we still do not have our tree up yet. Our cousins do and I have told Mama that its not fair and that we need ours up but she has been so very busy and now David is sick. She said that her and Daddy will try and get it up for us to decorate this weekend.Mama and Daddy got me a new bed

and some new furniture.

Last night we had family over and exchanged gifts and Mama opened this one package and someone popped OUT!!! She didn't tell us that we were getting a new sister!!

Her name is Heather and she is from Hawaii. We haven't gotten to know any more about her cause she is being very shy (for now). Well that's all that we have been up in a fast nut shell. I will try and post in detail all the stuff that has happened since we last talked. If I don't post before Christmas have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Maggie(me),Emma,Kimmy and Heather

Monday, July 18, 2011

Its been tooo long!

Hey there all Emma here. Sorry it has been so long since we have posted on here but ALOT has been going on in our house. Mama tried to post pics on the last blog and it wouldn't let her for some reason so we are gunna try again this time.So the stuff that has been going on is that we have been having our cousins come ALOT for visits this summer and we have had a BLAST!! Mama also had VBS (vacation Bible School) that she did at our church and boy that was soo much fun. She did the music and motions and we got to help he practice before VBS week. Then we here mama and daddy talking about a new sister but we got caught listening in and had to go right to bed. After that we didn't hear anymore about a new sister but one day mama and daddy sat us all down and told us that we were gunna have a BIG change happen very soon. The next day mama came home with a bunch of boxes, we weren't sure what was going on till mama told us that we were moving!! So as of now our rooms are all packed (we helped mama pack them) and we are sleeping in the living room! It kinda feel like we are having one big sleep over.

    Well a couple days go by and we go to the fireworks with our cousins and family. Mama,Auntie and Nana started planning a trip to the AG store in Seattle a few days later and we all started arguing about who was gunna get to go with mama. Well mama herd us arguing and that's when she told us that we were getting a new sister and that she was the one going on the trip so that she and our new sister could bond and get to know each other!!! The very next day there was a package on our doorstep!!! We all raced over to help mama get it in the house. When we opened it there was a new sister with red hair and green eyes staring back at us!! We helped her get out of her box and started to get to know each other.

So mama and Kimmy (our new sister) went to Seattle and got some really cool stuff for all of us.Now that they are home we get to settle into a routine and start packing again.This will be the last blog for a while till we get all moved in and settled (and so mama can find her camera cord) and then we will start posting again. Only 2 more weeks till our move!!! Thanks for listening to my LONG update and I will chat with you all again really soon.