Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My new SISTER!!!!

My new sister Samantha arrived in the mail today. Mamma and I were sooo excited.Mamma even let me open her box.
I even got to use my new scissors that mamma got me the other day.
Once I got the box open and I her Sam call out to us to hurry cause she was cold and couldn't breather very well. He last family send her naked and wrapped her in bubble wrap and had it around her face. So we hurried and got it off her face so she could breath.
She was VERY happy that she could breath better . I started helping her get out of the bubble wrap and tried to help her stand up.
But with all the bubble wrap in there she couldn't stand and kept falling down. We started laughing soo hard we had to have Mamma get her out.

As soon as she got out of the box I had a nice warm blanket ready for her to wrap up in. She was very happy to be out of the box and finally getting warm.

She was so happy that she couldn't stop smiling. Mamma got her all wrapped up in the blanket then we hugged and started getting to know each other.

While we were talking Mamma went ahead and picked Sam and me out a outfit for us to get dressed into so that we matched a bit.

For some reason Mamma's camera didn't take all the pic but here is a pic of Samantha Marie Lee my new sister. I am sooo happy to finally have a new sister.Mamma told me to go find the gift that I had picked out for Sam when I first found out I was getting a sister. So I ran and got it then gave it to Sam.

She LOVED it. She said it was even her favorite color lol. I helped her put it on and showed her my heart necklace that mamma had gotten for me when I first came to live with my family. She thought it was very pretty.After we got her necklace on we decided to sit on my bed and learn about each other and become really great friends as well as sisters.Well that is all for now. I'm gunna let Sam do a blog soon so you all can get to know her some more.


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