Sunday, February 20, 2011

another sister

Well we get a surprise in the mail this week. It was another sister!!!! Mamma said that she is our last one till next year.Her name is Emma Geneva and her birthday is April 1st. When she got here her box was all dented so mamma opened her while we wernt looking cause she didn't want her to be hurt and us to see.
When Mamma opened the package she found out that Emma was ok but her hair in bad shape.
So the first thing mamma did was washer her hair then she got a downy dunk (don't tell dps but she had to remove her head to do the dunk). After her dunk she looked soo much better but still not perfect.

Daddy even helped and got her face,arms and legs all washed up so she looked ALOT better when they were all done.Then while Sam and I got ready for bed mamma put her hair up in curlers to help bring back her curls.

When she was all done we FINALLY got to meet Emma for the first time.
We were so excited that we got up and started running to her to give her a welcome to the family hug.

We were all so happy that we got another sister and a very nice cool one at that. After our big family hug we all sat down and started to get to know each other a little bit before bed. Sam and I broke the ice by telling Emma how we all came to live here in the Lee household. After she got comfortable Emma started telling us her story and how her trip in her box went. I guess it was very scarry and bumpy as you can imagine by looking at her box.

Since we didn't know that she was coming Sam and I didn't get a chance to get Emma a necklace to welcome her but she said she understands and is willing to wait till we get a chance to get her one. Well that is about all for now. I will have Sam and Emma post sometime soon so you can all get to know them better. Thanks for listening,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My new SISTER!!!!

My new sister Samantha arrived in the mail today. Mamma and I were sooo excited.Mamma even let me open her box.
I even got to use my new scissors that mamma got me the other day.
Once I got the box open and I her Sam call out to us to hurry cause she was cold and couldn't breather very well. He last family send her naked and wrapped her in bubble wrap and had it around her face. So we hurried and got it off her face so she could breath.
She was VERY happy that she could breath better . I started helping her get out of the bubble wrap and tried to help her stand up.
But with all the bubble wrap in there she couldn't stand and kept falling down. We started laughing soo hard we had to have Mamma get her out.

As soon as she got out of the box I had a nice warm blanket ready for her to wrap up in. She was very happy to be out of the box and finally getting warm.

She was so happy that she couldn't stop smiling. Mamma got her all wrapped up in the blanket then we hugged and started getting to know each other.

While we were talking Mamma went ahead and picked Sam and me out a outfit for us to get dressed into so that we matched a bit.

For some reason Mamma's camera didn't take all the pic but here is a pic of Samantha Marie Lee my new sister. I am sooo happy to finally have a new sister.Mamma told me to go find the gift that I had picked out for Sam when I first found out I was getting a sister. So I ran and got it then gave it to Sam.

She LOVED it. She said it was even her favorite color lol. I helped her put it on and showed her my heart necklace that mamma had gotten for me when I first came to live with my family. She thought it was very pretty.After we got her necklace on we decided to sit on my bed and learn about each other and become really great friends as well as sisters.Well that is all for now. I'm gunna let Sam do a blog soon so you all can get to know her some more.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy weekend

Hey all  we had a very exciting and busy weekend but first HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!
Mamma and daddy went out and got some wood and brought it home this weekend, I couldn't figure out what they were doing and mamma said that it was a surprise for me so I had to stay in my room while they worked. I kept hearing a saw,drill and hammer I was so curious and couldn't wait to see what they were doing. I tried peaking but I got caught before I could see anything. Mamma then decided that I could come out and help finish the project with them.It looked like they were building a toy box for David and I wondered why it was a surprise for me.I helped Daddy by handing him nails.
And I got to help Daddy with the drill!!!! It was so much fun!!!
When we were all done Mamma and Daddy flipped the box on its side and then told me that it was my new room!!!
They even made me a new bed for my new room.. It has my name on it and everything.. I love my new room and bed!
Then I noticed that there was another room and a purple bed with the name Sam on it.I wondered why and asked Mamma. That's when she told me that I was getting a new SISTER!!!!!
Her name is Samantha and she is on her way right now. Last we checked she is in NJ and should be here by the 23rd of this month I sooooo can't wait!!!! Here is a pic of her room and bed just waiting for her to arrive. I will let you all know when she gets here and I will have mamma take pics of her after she gets dressed since her last family isn't sending her with any clothes on!!!! I was very sad to hear that he last family didn't love her enough to send her with clothes on poor Samantha has got to be FREEZING right now. I will make sure I pick out a nice warm outfit for her for when she gets here and mamma is trying to make her a warm blanket for her bed. I hope she gets it done in time. Well that is all for now but I will post more later. Thanks for listening!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A trip and a surprise!!!

We (my family and me) took a trip today over the hill to see our friends The bolton gilrs.It was a long drive but I got to see snow and had a nice long visit with my best friend Vienna. Mara was there too and we all got to talk about the cruise.Mamma then surprised me with a BIG box but wouldnt let me open it till we got home.After we got done with our snack we went to the store so I could pick out yarn for my backpack that my auntie is making for me.We had a nice day away from the house and I was sad to say goodbye to Vienna and mara and the other girls but I know I will get to see them again soon as our families are close and visit alot.When we got home mamma and daddy unpacked the car while I played with david. Once he was in bed mamma said I could open my box.
Once I opened it I got a HUGE surprise! Mamma and daddy had gotten me new clothes!!There were all kinds of things in that box.I got a couple coats and a new Bible and its even blue my fav color!!
This was suppost to be my easter present but mamma forgot that it was in th box so when she let me open it I seen it. So she gave it to me early.I am gunna wear this on the cruise for the formal night and the birthday parties.
In the box was also a present from Vienna,a new soft warm house coat!Its even hot pink my second fav color. I was soo excited I just had to put it on while opeing the rest of my goodies.
I got a new swimming suit,socks and a beach ball for the cruise and LOTS of shoes (I think mamma has a thing for shoes lol).There were 8 pair and she said that she was orderung MORE!!!!
I got lots of new shirts and pants so no  more having to wear the same outfit every day or my borrowed pjs.I wanted to try on everything but mamma said it was getting late so I had to pick what I wanted to wear tomorrow and then put the rest away for the night. Mamma said I could try everything on tomorrow while mamma and daddy watch the big football gam on tv if I want.
Well that is all for tonight I am ready for bed and am very tired. Untill next time,MAGGIE