Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Very busy day.

Hey there all this is Samantha, Maggie said it was about time that I got to do a blog post so here goes.
Saturday we had a VERY busy day while David was at his grandma's. Mamma was able to make our hats for Easter and the cruise. We got to help a little bit until mamma had to use the hot glue gun that's when we just had to watch. It was lots of fun helping and they turned out so good.

Here is a photo from  the back. Maggie wanted a short bow and I wanted a long one. We got to help make the bows  and sew them so they won't come undone.We are wearing our rose dresses that we got for Easter and the cruise. The go really well with the dresses. Now we just need our Easter shoes and then we are all set. After we got done with our hats mamma said that she had a job for Maggie and me to do for Vienna. We were very puzzled by this. So we went into the living room where there was a black bag on the floor that wasn't there before.
In it was a little black kitten (oops I hope Vienna don't read this post it's a surprise for her).
She was so cute but very shy she just sat in her bag checking everything out.

She finally came out and started coming towards Maggie and me. She was very scared since the house and we were all new things to her.We tried guessing her name and had so much fun trying to figure it out. Mamma came in to see what we were laughing about and that's when she told us that the kitten didn't have a name yet lol.
She came over and let Maggie pet her. Maggie tried to get the toy from her but she was to fast and ran towards me.

I started to pet her and she started purring. It was soo cute.Maggie decided that she would make a house for the kitten to sleep in while she was staying with us.
Maggie put the kittens bed in the house and added a water and food bowl.
The kitten crawled right inside and made herself right at home.Well that was how our Saturday went I hope your was as much fun as mine was. Samantha

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