Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy weekend

Hey all  we had a very exciting and busy weekend but first HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!
Mamma and daddy went out and got some wood and brought it home this weekend, I couldn't figure out what they were doing and mamma said that it was a surprise for me so I had to stay in my room while they worked. I kept hearing a saw,drill and hammer I was so curious and couldn't wait to see what they were doing. I tried peaking but I got caught before I could see anything. Mamma then decided that I could come out and help finish the project with them.It looked like they were building a toy box for David and I wondered why it was a surprise for me.I helped Daddy by handing him nails.
And I got to help Daddy with the drill!!!! It was so much fun!!!
When we were all done Mamma and Daddy flipped the box on its side and then told me that it was my new room!!!
They even made me a new bed for my new room.. It has my name on it and everything.. I love my new room and bed!
Then I noticed that there was another room and a purple bed with the name Sam on it.I wondered why and asked Mamma. That's when she told me that I was getting a new SISTER!!!!!
Her name is Samantha and she is on her way right now. Last we checked she is in NJ and should be here by the 23rd of this month I sooooo can't wait!!!! Here is a pic of her room and bed just waiting for her to arrive. I will let you all know when she gets here and I will have mamma take pics of her after she gets dressed since her last family isn't sending her with any clothes on!!!! I was very sad to hear that he last family didn't love her enough to send her with clothes on poor Samantha has got to be FREEZING right now. I will make sure I pick out a nice warm outfit for her for when she gets here and mamma is trying to make her a warm blanket for her bed. I hope she gets it done in time. Well that is all for now but I will post more later. Thanks for listening!

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