Monday, July 18, 2011

Its been tooo long!

Hey there all Emma here. Sorry it has been so long since we have posted on here but ALOT has been going on in our house. Mama tried to post pics on the last blog and it wouldn't let her for some reason so we are gunna try again this time.So the stuff that has been going on is that we have been having our cousins come ALOT for visits this summer and we have had a BLAST!! Mama also had VBS (vacation Bible School) that she did at our church and boy that was soo much fun. She did the music and motions and we got to help he practice before VBS week. Then we here mama and daddy talking about a new sister but we got caught listening in and had to go right to bed. After that we didn't hear anymore about a new sister but one day mama and daddy sat us all down and told us that we were gunna have a BIG change happen very soon. The next day mama came home with a bunch of boxes, we weren't sure what was going on till mama told us that we were moving!! So as of now our rooms are all packed (we helped mama pack them) and we are sleeping in the living room! It kinda feel like we are having one big sleep over.

    Well a couple days go by and we go to the fireworks with our cousins and family. Mama,Auntie and Nana started planning a trip to the AG store in Seattle a few days later and we all started arguing about who was gunna get to go with mama. Well mama herd us arguing and that's when she told us that we were getting a new sister and that she was the one going on the trip so that she and our new sister could bond and get to know each other!!! The very next day there was a package on our doorstep!!! We all raced over to help mama get it in the house. When we opened it there was a new sister with red hair and green eyes staring back at us!! We helped her get out of her box and started to get to know each other.

So mama and Kimmy (our new sister) went to Seattle and got some really cool stuff for all of us.Now that they are home we get to settle into a routine and start packing again.This will be the last blog for a while till we get all moved in and settled (and so mama can find her camera cord) and then we will start posting again. Only 2 more weeks till our move!!! Thanks for listening to my LONG update and I will chat with you all again really soon.