Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hey so sorry that I havnt been on here in a while but things have been very busy here at our house. 1ST my aunt and cousins came for a good long visit and while they were here my new cousin arrived. It was so fun ripping open the box to get her out. Her name is Savanah and she is soo much fun. We played twister,watched movies and even had a popcorn fight. We also had time to roller blade for the first time!!! The only sad thing that happend was that our new sister Emma had to be rushed to the hospital to have surgury. It was so scarry her eyes started looking really weird and mamma started freeking out till our aunt said that it was ok and that sending her to the hospital would make her all better .We miss her so much and  hope that she will be home soon to play and have fun with . Well that is all for now but I will try and post a more in detail blog with pics very soon.
See you all later MAGGIE

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