Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Maggie here, I am SO VERY SORRY that we have not posted since before our move. Well as you can guess a TON of stuff has happened since then. First the move went well and we have so much more room now and pool table in the basement. Our cousins and us LOVE to play when they come to visit us. Well lets see here we went on our cruise but mama didn't get any photo's of us cause she was sick alot of the time and David (our brother) was needing LOTS of watching. (I will post about the whole trip in another post very soon). After we got off our ship in Seattle we went to the AG store and WOW that was a blast. Our sister Sam has went away to another home cause she was just not fitting in with our family so Sam,Mama and Daddy sat down and found her the perfect family to go live with.We have started to get the house ready for Christmas but we still do not have our tree up yet. Our cousins do and I have told Mama that its not fair and that we need ours up but she has been so very busy and now David is sick. She said that her and Daddy will try and get it up for us to decorate this weekend.Mama and Daddy got me a new bed

and some new furniture.

Last night we had family over and exchanged gifts and Mama opened this one package and someone popped OUT!!! She didn't tell us that we were getting a new sister!!

Her name is Heather and she is from Hawaii. We haven't gotten to know any more about her cause she is being very shy (for now). Well that's all that we have been up in a fast nut shell. I will try and post in detail all the stuff that has happened since we last talked. If I don't post before Christmas have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Maggie(me),Emma,Kimmy and Heather

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