Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi guys long time no chat :-). Well I woke up this morning and it was all WHITE outside. I couldn't believe it we finally got snow. Mama said that it started last night about 12:30AM and it has been snowing all day and it is still snowing. We now have wind to go with it so it looks like a blizzard outside.Kimmy and Heather were the first ones to get ready to go out and play in the snow.

They were playing and enjoying the snow when all of a sudden Kimmy lost her balance and face planted in the snow. That's when they decided to head on inside. Heather was getting cold since she hasn't gotten her winter jacket yet she had to wear her poncho and that was not warm enough and Kimmy was now freezing thanks to the white wash she got.
Next I made it outside but it was not as much fun by myself so I talked Emma into coming out to play in the snow.

Emma was not going to come out cause she didn't have her warm jacket but since I wanted someone to play with in the snow she said that she would come out for a little while. All of a sudden the door opens and out comes our brother Buba!

Silly boy he was in his shorts and was BAREFOOT!!!! He started laughing at us and throwing snow balls at us.

It was ON we pelted him a few times till Mama found out that he was out barefoot and yelled at him to get inside.

We all went inside after that to warm up and tell the others about the snow ball fight we had with our CRAZY brother. Once we got back inside David was very upset that Buba went out side with out him. He grabbed Bubba's hand and started towards the door. Mama had to stop him from trying to get outside with Buba. Mama said that if Buba gets sick from being outside like that it will serve him right. Well time to get off here and drink some hot coco that Mama made for us kids. I hope you all are enjoying your snow (if you have any)