Sunday, February 6, 2011

A trip and a surprise!!!

We (my family and me) took a trip today over the hill to see our friends The bolton gilrs.It was a long drive but I got to see snow and had a nice long visit with my best friend Vienna. Mara was there too and we all got to talk about the cruise.Mamma then surprised me with a BIG box but wouldnt let me open it till we got home.After we got done with our snack we went to the store so I could pick out yarn for my backpack that my auntie is making for me.We had a nice day away from the house and I was sad to say goodbye to Vienna and mara and the other girls but I know I will get to see them again soon as our families are close and visit alot.When we got home mamma and daddy unpacked the car while I played with david. Once he was in bed mamma said I could open my box.
Once I opened it I got a HUGE surprise! Mamma and daddy had gotten me new clothes!!There were all kinds of things in that box.I got a couple coats and a new Bible and its even blue my fav color!!
This was suppost to be my easter present but mamma forgot that it was in th box so when she let me open it I seen it. So she gave it to me early.I am gunna wear this on the cruise for the formal night and the birthday parties.
In the box was also a present from Vienna,a new soft warm house coat!Its even hot pink my second fav color. I was soo excited I just had to put it on while opeing the rest of my goodies.
I got a new swimming suit,socks and a beach ball for the cruise and LOTS of shoes (I think mamma has a thing for shoes lol).There were 8 pair and she said that she was orderung MORE!!!!
I got lots of new shirts and pants so no  more having to wear the same outfit every day or my borrowed pjs.I wanted to try on everything but mamma said it was getting late so I had to pick what I wanted to wear tomorrow and then put the rest away for the night. Mamma said I could try everything on tomorrow while mamma and daddy watch the big football gam on tv if I want.
Well that is all for tonight I am ready for bed and am very tired. Untill next time,MAGGIE

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