Monday, January 31, 2011

Having fun with mamma

Hi there Kaya here. The last couple of days mamma and I have been having "girl" time in the evenings. We started the other night and decided that I wanted a new hair do. So mamma took out my braids and brushed my hair out. She was very surprised to see just how long it had gotten.Bellow is a pictour of how my hair turned out that night.
all done 1st night
A few nights later I asked mamma ro braid my hair into small braids and put beads on the ends. She said "Sure lets go to the store and pick out what beads you want in your hair". So we went to the store and picked out my beads.Mamma started on it that night but only got a little bit done couse it was late and I needed to get to bed.The very next night as soon as david was in bed mamma said"lets get started on your hair couse I want to get it done tonight!" I ran into my room to get my pj's on and then brush my teeth so we could get started.

Daddy even helped mamma by handing her the beads and rubberbands. It was Very boaring and a long wiat but she got it done last night and I was soooo excited to see it. I started jumoing on the bed when she was all done but mamma said I needed to quiet down so I wouldnt wake david and so she could get pictours of my hair now that she was all done.
I had a really fun time with mamma and daddy even tough he keppt falling asleep between braids lol. He was snoring really loud and mamma and I started giggling couse it sounded so funny.Well that is all for now. I will post more as more happens in our crazy life here in the Lee household.

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