Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We had some excitement here at our house the last few day and I just now am having a chance to blog.
Last wendsday mamma got a phone call from my aunt in California and she said they were halfway here for a visit with the new baby!Mamma and I rushed around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to to get the house clean and trying to hide the fact from daddy lol. They got here that night and daddy was very surprised. Baby lilly (my cousin) was so cute.
While they were here the family all went bowling but I stayed home couse I was sick and mamma didnt want me to get worse.We all had so much fun visiting but it was sad when they left yesterday :-( . But they did make it home safe. All day yesterday mamma was on the computer talking to my auntie about our vaccation. We are going on a CRUISE!!!! to Alaska in septemeber for daddy,david and uncle mikes bdays.Its gunna be so much fun. Auntie and Nanna are coming with us and are bringing some of my cousins with them. I also found out Veinna gets to come with us!!!! I cant wait!!! Mamma had to get my pictour taken for my passport. She got it sent off and now I just gotta wait for it to come in.Well that is all for now. But i will have more updates soon.

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