Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AG store surprise!

Hey everyone I am back with the rest of my surprise that we got. Mama came home and opened the bags she got from the AG store and look at the goodies we got.
Mama got us a new patio table and chairs for our new house! She said that we could not take it all the way out since the house was not finished but as soon as it is we can get it out and I will post photos then.
We also got a new baking table and stuff to use with it.
and here is just the table. Mama has wanted this set every since she started going to the AG store in Seattle.
She also got us some deliciouse food . Its lasonia my veru favorite dinner of all time. I can not WAIT to taste it!
All of a sudden we herd somthing coming from one of the bags and it was SHAKING. My sister got scared but I KNEW what it was since I have been through this same thing with boxes that show up.I looked in the bag to show my sisters that it was ok and guess what I saw. A new sister just like I thought I would.
At this point I was still bot sure what one Mama had gotten at the store so I was very excited to get her out of the box so I could see who had came to live with us.Low and behold out popped..........
McKenna!!! She is the GOTY for this year and Mama and I have wanted to add her to our family every since we first seen her. She reminds Mama and Daddy of their very dear friend Tracy. So far she has not said if she wants to keep her name or not but Mama said we will find out soon. After we get her out of the box she showed us the dress that she got to pick out as her welcome to the family gift.
It is so pritty even though blue is not my favorite color but its one of my top 3. We asked her to try it on for us and she was very happy to.

Well That is about all for now my friends.  I will try and post soon the story and photos of us helping Daddy with Mama's surprise while she was gone.

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