Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Well I know it has been FOREVER since we have posted anything and we are SOOOO SORRY!!!
 There has been alot going on here in our house with a 2.5 year old and mama watches a 1.5 year old little girl named Abby. They have so much energy! Abby just turned 2 and she is starting to like dolls. Mama and I were looking at the AG site the other day and Abby said "dolls" and was very interested SO mama let her sit on her lap and they looked at dolls together. Mama is excited about it and it helps her to not wish for a daughter.
  Mama and the family are getting ready for David's 3rd birthday party and we are excited because our cousins from Oregon will be coming and we get to camp out!!! We can NOT WAIT!! Sorry I just can not contain my excitement!
 The sad part of this month will be when Mama and the family all leave us here alone for 8 days!! They are going camping on the coast and Mama said that we have to stay home. She does not want us to get hurt with the sand and water every where PLUS camping is very dirty and cold. We are all ready though we have made up a plan of things to do while they are gone like play board games,watch TONS of movies,play the WII and other things like that.
     We are also planning on making a surprise for Mama when they get home! Well I need to get going so I can get dressed (I have been in my pj's all weekend and I STINK lol) I am glad to be back and I HOPE that I can start sharing more again soon. TTYL!!!



  1. Glad you have good plans for while they're gone. It sure is easy to get behind on these posts. WOW!! I may come up and visit Bubba the next time Nana goes up there. Anyway have fun.

    Your cousin